Display & Garment Rails

Display and garment rails form an essential part of the display and layout for any store or business.

Displaying your products correctly will lead to customer satisfaction, staff efficiency thus resulting in a profitable business with a beautiful and effective layout.

We stock a vast range of display and garment rails, all in stock now. No lead time.

Display and garment rails are a great way to merchandise your store. They have many uses, from saving space to dividing the store into sections. Keeping your garments hung up on rails instead of folded on tables not only reduces creases but it allows customers to view items quickly and easily, which is a necessity when browsing a store.

Struggling to get enough stock out on the shop floor? Consider using display or garment rails. You can put more than one of each size out and easily see which sizes or styles you are missing. Alongside this, you can create a complete outfit at the end of a rail on a table or mannequin to guide customers to buy your products. Some rails are also on wheels, thus they can be easily moved and rearranged to accommodate your needs. No matter what your budget, we have a display or garment rail to suit your needs. Even our cheapest range of rails are of good quality but without the price compromise.

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